Unseen, unrecognized, unknown, unrevealed.

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Me-Invisible Boundaries Me-Invisible Doubt Me-Invisible Fear
Me-Invisible Gioia

Me-Invisible Grief Me-Invisible Hope Me-Invisible Inklings
Me-Invisible Mortality Me-Invisible Passion Me-Invisible Waiting

This series of self portraits, in which I use my silhouette as a vessel to hold an inner feeling state, is an effort to acquaint myself with myself...I have tried to give form to my own unrecognized emotions in paint and thereby reveal them to myself and to others.

Each painting has proved difficult, laborious, and sometimes even painful...I'm not sure that painting the invisible has made me visible, but I have felt changed by the process...I share the results of this very personal practice with some reservations but in the hope that making it known will strengthen it. ~ Thekla Hammond

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